If I only had one line for this description I would say, “Hi, I’m Heather Wall. I design things and eat a lot.”  Tada. But since there’s a little more space, I’ll elaborate for anyone interested in finding out more about this little studio and the redheaded artist behind it.

I am a mexican-ginger living in Houston, TX who hates clutter and loves the color black.  Originally from Los Angeles, I received my  bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Southern California in 2008. Shortly after graduation, I packed up a few trash bags full of clothes, one free table [that I still have today] and headed east. A few weeks later, I started my first  big girl job downtown and have been designing spaces and art peices ever since. One could say I’m an architectural designer by day and an illustrator by night. Often times, I feel like the luckiest person in the world because somehow I have been fortunate enough to love what I do on a regular basis

As for MUR, the idea for this little studio started in late 2009 when I received her first freelance graphic design job from a wonderful little website named Craig’s List. Since then I has gone on to become a licensed interior designer in the state of Texas in 2013, I am working on becoming a licensed architect, and have continued to create art and participate in art shows and markets throughout the East Texas area whenever I can. At the moment, this site primarily showcases my artwork as my architectural efforts are being put into this great little start-up – McLemore Luong as an interior and architectural designer.


This question tends to come up, so I thought I would add it to the page. So what exactly is this weird MUR word? Well, I’m glad you asked.

I had a really hard time coming up with a studio name when I first started doing freelance work. After many failed ideas I was back at square one with my name. But Heather’s Studio sounds so basic, and Wall Studio doesn’t sound much better. So I did the next logical thing: Put my name into google translate to see what would pop up. Turns out, the Latin root for the word wall is MUR. Wall in Spanish is muro. Wall in French is mur. Wall in Dutch is muur. You get the picture. Yes – this process is pretty random but with my very sound and logical reasoning skills, I picked this name because I liked how it looked graphically. Makes perfect sense right? (no, not really) But now, you now this quirky little story and have wasted 30 seconds of your time reading this. However, if you’ve made it this far, I REALLY appreciate you taking the time to do so. I promise there is a lot less rambling and a lot more pretty pictures throughout the rest of the site, enjoy!


Feel free to click through the tabs to the right to see more about my experience, education and credentials. You can also download a copy of my resume by clicking here. Thanks for reading.


NCIDQ | National Council for Interior Design Qualification, Certificate No: 29539

RID | Registered Interior Designer (Texas) Registration No: 11431

IIDA | International Interior Design Association, Professional Member

WELL AP |  Accredited Professional

FITWEL |  Ambassador

LEED AP | Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Accredited Professional



McLEMORE LUONG Houston TX | Interior and Architectural Designer |  October 2021 – Currently

PGAL ARCHITECTS Houston TX | Interior and Architectural Designer |  October 2018 – October 2021

CURRY BOUDREAUX ARCHITECTS Houston TX | Interior and Architectural Designer |  August 2016 – October 2018

MUR STUDIO Houston TX | Founder, Interior Designer  |  August 2015 – October 2017

WHR ARCHITECTS Houston TX | Healthcare Interior Designer  |  July 2012 – August 2015

MOUGEOT ARCHITECTURE Baton Rouge LA | Architectural and Graphic Designer  |  June 2010 – June 2012

WHR ARCHITECTS Houston TX | Healthcare Architectural Designer  |  June 2008 – June 2010

ROTTET STUDIO Los Angeles CA | Hospitality Architectural Intern  |  September 2007 – May 2008

HKS ARCHITECTS Inc. Atlanta GA | Healthcare Architectural Intern  |  May 2007 – August 2007

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Los Angeles, CA Bachelors of Architecture 2008

Art Center College of Art and Design Pasadena, CA Specialized Drawing courses (Illustration and Graphic Design) 2003-04