mur news: mur studio’s first art sale!

So last week I finally got my act together and hosted my first booth at an art sale here in town. Some of my displays worked perfectly while others maybe not so much, but overall I was very happy and I actually sold some stuff… what?! Hopefully I can do a couple more before the end of the year (Apparently I hate sleeping and being on a normal schedule because blogging and designing after work is … well.. a lot of work, haha!)
Anyway, on to the fun stuff, pictures! Here are some pictures of the table…. Disclaimer: I arrived late to the show (surprised?! no.) I didn’t get a chance to photograph everything before it started, so this is after some items had already sold. Also, these are all from my phone because I forgot my camera and the lighting was not awesome there so I apologize about the quality of the images!



(this has nothing to do with the show its just a free cup of coffee I got at work a few hours before I had to leave to go set up for the event. So pretty :)



















 So there it is guys! I have some ways to go on the displays but they’re getting there and I’m excited. Also I have been crossing some restaurants off the food challenge list so expect a food post soon. Happy Thursday!

with accomplishment,

make something: jewelry displays

Hey y’all! So I haven’t updated in awhile but over the past few weeks I have been preparing for my very first art/ craft sale here in Houston! It will be taking place in the Skyline Design showroom and is part of an event to help gain support for the Texas Association of Interiors Designers (TAID). Here are the details below if you are close by and feel like attending. (You do not need to be a designer or a member of any kind of organization to go :)
Anyway, because I have finally put myself out there after almost 3 years of just talking about it, I was forced to finish my jewelry displays that I wrote about and started in MAY… yes I realize it is now September….. I have a slight issue with following through with all the ideas swimming around in my head. (related post: Texas Junk Company) So without further adieu here is mur studio’s first DIY post:
The first display is for earrings. I started with a piece of hardwood from a broken, antique shelving unit and some old door pulls. 
I then marked where I wanted the pulls to go and where the screws needed to go and used a drill press to make the holes. You could use a basic hand drill as well. 


I then bought some screws at Lowe’s that were the size that I needed. In this case I needed #6 (9/64″ dia) wood screws  that were 3/4″ long since the board is 1/2″ thick. All of my pulls ended up needing the same size screws so this could be standard, but I am by no means an expert on hardware. Also, it could just be a standard from 1923 or whenever these pulls were made, so it is probably a good idea you take your pulls with you to the hardware store just in case :)
Then it was just a matter of screwing everything in with my screwdriver with the flowery handle (yes a flower patterned handle is necessary) and TADA! Earring display/ organizer….


The second display I made is for necklaces. My parents had a huge pile of these wooden railings left over from remodeling their front porch. My step-dad was going to burn it all (there is no trash service out in the country where my parents live so you have to burn your trash) but I thought surely there is something you can do with this fabulous wood! So this was my first idea… I’ll have to think of more later because now I made them feel bad for throwing out all this wood and the pile is just sitting there waiting to be made into something!
So first I started out with some wood and a few old, cabinet knobs




I then cut one of the railings down to the height I wanted using a table saw and drilled holes with a drill press. I’m sure you can use a hand drill for this as well Each knob was a different size so be sure to have the right sized drill bit if you decide to try this. 


After that I sanded down the wood and stained it using an old sock. For some reason I feel like old t-shirts and socks make the best wood staining rags. I decided to leave some of the old white paint on there to give a worn look. For stain I chose the natural color to give it some vibrancy without being overwhelming. I also chose it because it was the only stain that my parents already had so it was free and I didn’t have to drive to the store. 




Lastly I screwed in the knobs into the holes I made into the beginning. I added a little glue to the threaded part of the knob just for reinforcement.. And that’s it! (ps. I used a round block of wood as a base but you could fasten anything to the bottom of it as long as it was heavy and wide enough to allow the post to stand up.)




Alright well I hope everyone is having a good week so far. I am very busy between my job that pays me and getting ready for the art show next week. I’m pretty sure I’ve gained a few pounds lately since gym time has flown out the window. But it will all be worth it! (I hope)
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In the mood for… upcycled jewelry displays

It’s Wednesday here at find your mur and you know what that means…..   …..     ……………..  … absolutely nothing. Other than the fact that its Wednesday…. happy hump day by the way. Anyway, to follow up a little from my last post, I’m about half way done with 3 different jewelry displays from the antique ‘junk’ I bought at Texas Junk Co. but none of them are finished. You think it would be logical to finish one of the display before starting another but it’s definitely not logical, therefore I have 3 halfsies. As a result, this isn’t going to be a DIY post about the most amazing handmade, up-cycled jewelry displays you have ever seen, but instead photos of jewelry displays/ hangers/ stands/ whatever that other people have made that are pretty cool but not as fabulous as mine. Even though theirs are finished and mine are not. (minor detail)
Here we go…
 mamie janes


 mamie janes (again, different post)
 ethanolie (That’s an old lab stand from the 30’s!)
… and let’s end the post with an old letter press drawer that has nothing to do with anything that I accidentally added but decided to leave in here because it actually could make a nice jewelry display. (run on sentence?)
OOOOOkay. Well that’s all for this hump day. We’ll see when the first DIY post happens. I’m also thinking a foodie post might be next since my stomach has now started eating itself, but I told myself I couldn’t eat until I finished writing. On a side note I found out I passed my exams and now I’m a licensed interior designer in the state of Texas… what?! And what did I do on Monday to celebrate? Went to the Whole Foods buffet, drove home, sat on my couch and watched Burn Notice on Netflix with my two best friends Dickens and Angelina (FYI, Dickens is a dog and Angelina is a cat) Till next time y’all.
with a black couch from Big Lots,