mur news: mur studio’s first art sale!

So last week I finally got my act together and hosted my first booth at an art sale here in town. Some of my displays worked perfectly while others maybe not so much, but overall I was very happy and I actually sold some stuff… what?! Hopefully I can do a couple more before the end of the year (Apparently I hate sleeping and being on a normal schedule because blogging and designing after work is … well.. a lot of work, haha!)
Anyway, on to the fun stuff, pictures! Here are some pictures of the table…. Disclaimer: I arrived late to the show (surprised?! no.) I didn’t get a chance to photograph everything before it started, so this is after some items had already sold. Also, these are all from my phone because I forgot my camera and the lighting was not awesome there so I apologize about the quality of the images!



(this has nothing to do with the show its just a free cup of coffee I got at work a few hours before I had to leave to go set up for the event. So pretty :)



















 So there it is guys! I have some ways to go on the displays but they’re getting there and I’m excited. Also I have been crossing some restaurants off the food challenge list so expect a food post soon. Happy Thursday!

with accomplishment,