Greensburg Residence












Greensburg Residence




In 2007, the city of Greensburg, Kansas was hit by an F5 tornado that wiped out most of the city. After realizing the devastation, the mayor decided to turn this terrible situation into something good and enacted a plan to re build the city as sustainably as possible and also put out a number of architecture competitions to bring smart building and architectural design to this small Kansas city.

One of these competition called designers to submit entries for pre-fabricated, sustainable homes that could be built, quickly, affordably, and still have high-end design elements. This entry was designed in 15′-0″ module that allowed the user to customize their pre fab home in terms of adding or subtracting living and personal rooms as needed. Additionally, vertical and horizontal smart louvers were added to large glazing expanses depending on the cardinal direction they are facing and all glazing was kept on the East and North facing walls.